Music Artists and Video Marketing



Many artists does not have the right mindset to reach the mainstream, so many of them before starting to do anything require to prepare a business plan in order to achieve their goals.

Normally I tell to my clients they should to be focused before starting or else they will disperse and will loose their goal.

An artist need to have a great content, so in the music niche they will need to have an unique lyric , that is engaging to their fans so they can buy your top quality music.

Before you can sign with a label you will need walk a long way and normally will not be an easy task like write some sets of songs and publish it … things are not that simple.

You will need to have a daily routine, first you will need to setup your social presence afterwards in a daily basis you need to engage with your audience in order to your fanbase increases, a good goal will be to reach a fanbase of 100k engaging fans.

Facebook will be nice place to start since many people will engage, but at start probably you will need to buy some advertising in order to get likes, then twitter, reverbnation, soundcloud and many many other platforms, so your time will be consumed a lot with social networks…. So as many people are saying content is king… but probably before starting with social networking I believe that people will like to watch you in videos, so youtube will be the core of your artistic kingdom.

You will need to build at least a few videos about your work in order to start a great youtube promotion so you can engage the audience and also to start ranking in youtube search engine and also in Google that is the biggest search engine in the World.

Starting an youtube promotion campaign may seem easier but you will need to be professional, so your video should be done with a great quality level in terms of audio and also the place to be recorded, for instance a bedroom will not inspire a professional quality, but if you do it in a garage or if you can afford in a small studio will be a great start.

I think the video marketing strategy will be starting with a good music script, with a good audio equipment, if you don’t have a decent one you can rent it in a specific company for 1 or 2 days where you or your band will be recording it. If you can record about 5-6 tracks in those days so you can have a great amount of content to share in youtube and also publish in your fanpage, twitter, soundcloud, reverbnation and (if you are a DJ) in Mixcloud.

If you have a garage then will be nice to start as long as you can do some décor on it, or if you have budget renting a small studio would a great way to CRUSH it!

Below you can take a look of great examples of some well known Artists:



In this beyonce video that has been release in youtube 1 month ago, you can see that it delivered more then 2 Million views, yeah it beyonce but we also can understand the artist offer the videos, because that is a self promotion even for a multi millions artists, so a new starter also require to upload all the tracks in video format so it can be shared for hundreds, thousands of new viewers…


Pink Floyd

These guys are nearly from the stone age, but when they release anything the crowd crushes! In 1 month they were watched by 3.7 Million fans.

In this case also the entire clip is provided for free, so you can identify that uploading the entire track(s) its mandatory to think in gathering some success, maybe you can reach Pink Floyd or Beyoncé Level who knows. As i normally say the sky is the limit!

So lets Crush it!